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Why is my daughter’s myopia increasing?

Q: My eight years daughter’s right and left eye powers were -1.75 & -0.75 respectively. Two years later, her eye power was -2.25 in both eyes and after a year her power has increased to -4.00. She is a poor eater and she sweats on her soles and palms. She wakes up during her deep sleep and speaks clearly about some incident that happened during the day. She does not recall anything about the incident the next day. This happens thrice a week and for 5 minutes. My wife is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for the past seven and a half years. She is also myopic with a power of -3.5 in both eyes. Why is my daughter’s eye power decreasing year after year?

A:Her short sightedness(Myopia) could be hereditary and likely to increase even more as she grows older. Apart from balanced food and outdoor exercises you can not do anything. Let her life go on normally. The fact that she wakes up at night and does things and does not remember in the day time is a known symptom of Narcolepsy. You should see a paediatrician but he/she may not help either. She will grow up with it into adulthood. Just have to watch that she does not hurt herself during sleep.


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