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Why is my child deteriorating in studies?

Q: My nine-year-old son is studying in the fourth standard. He was doing well academically till he was in the third standard. This year I was quite busy with my job, so I couldn't concentrate much on his studies. Now he has stopped taking down the class notes, and lies that the teacher has not taught anything. Even after advising him many times, he is not showing any signs of improvement. How do I deal with my son?

A:What you need to do is to spend more time with your son, not concentrate on his studies. He will concentrate on his studies when he is no longer feeling deprived of parental time. Children have emotions and feelings, which are affected by all their experiences. A child will perform well only when he is happy and secure. Also, the teacher in class may be different from the one last year. Find out from the child. Listening to the child talk about himself is very important. He must have the confidence that someone is interested in what he is going through. Parental advice often ends as a one-way communication. Make sure that this is not the case. Don't set standards for him that are too difficult to reach, but be warm and firm in dealing with him.


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