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Why is milk still getting accumulated in my wife's breasts?

Q: My wife delivered a baby boy 9 months back but the baby had some major heart problems. In spite of a surgery performed a month after the birth, we lost our baby. It was very traumatic for us. But milk is still getting accumulated in my wife's breasts and is still coming out when extracted by pressure. Will this cause any major problem? Should she take any precautions regarding this? Please advise.

A:The milk needs to be expressed out using hot water fomentation and some oral painkillers. Support of the breast with a tight bra is needed and a tablet bromocriptine 2.5 mg for 10 days to stop further milk formation can be taken. Prior to planning the next pregnancy, pre-pregnancy counselling, registration in a high risk clinic with early ultrasound and fetal echo testing for heart defects in the next baby is a must since this condition can recur.


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