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Why is ERCP procedure done in pancreatitis?

Q: I have diabetes and high blood pressure, kept under control with Glynase MF & Amlodac 5 mg. Recently I had acute pancreatitis, was hospitalised, and treated. Now on Glynase MF 1 tab before breakfast and 1/2 tab before dinner, 1 Amlodac 5 mg after lunch + 1400 kcal diet free from fat, carbohydrate, etc. Monitoring blood glucose level with personal glucometer: fasting about 96-105 mg/dl, PP: 135-140 mg/dl. BP: 135/85 mm Hg. I have also been advised to undergo ERCP within 6 weeks. In your opinion, am I on the right track? What is this ERCP exactly and how will it help me in future?

A:The blood sugars are in good control. ERCP is an endoscopic procedure in which a tube is put past the stomach and dye is injected into the pancreatic duct to visualise it in detail. It gives evidence of changes in the duct (such as a block or malformation) which may have led to the episode of acute pancreatitis. It may also provide a clue as to whether the pancreatitis is acute or of long standing. Management will be different in the two cases.


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