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Why have I been asked to undergo laser eye surgery?

Q: I am a 62 years old man. I underwent OCT (optical coherence tomography) test for my left eye. I was asked to take Avastine injection in my eye which cost Rs 8000. Laser treatment was also advised . How much does laser treatment of an eye cost? Is there any natural treatment?

A:Obviously you have diabetic retinopathy. OCT would have shown that you have macular edema or some thing which needs Avastin. Indeed, Avastin is a monoclonal anitbody, and costs aboutRs. 34000. Your doctor must be sharing them to several patients. It is expensive but does good to the eye. It works only for 2 months in the eye. Laser is the permanent treatment, and indeed you will need to have both of them. If you are opting for any reason, go in for Laser, as it is cheaper. However your doctor is the best judge, as he has seen your eye, while I am hypothecating! Dr. M.S.Ravindra. Karthik Netralaya. Bangalore


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