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Why has my wife not had periods for 2 months?

Q: My 24 years old wife got her last period 6 months back. She usually doesn’t get the regular periods in 28 days. But when she did not get her periods for two and a half months we had a pregnancy test and it was negative. Then we had another pregnancy test after 15 days and this time she was tested positive for pregnancy. One week later she had a scan and the doctor confirmed her that she is four months pregnant and the baby is fine inside. If she was not pregnant 6 months back, then why did she not had her periods for 2 months?

A:Not all women have regular periods every 28 days. In women who have irregular periods it is difficult to establish the exact age of pregnancy. It is therefore, always helpful to get an ultrasound scan done in early pregnancy and follow the expected date of delivery (EDD) projected by the scan.

Pregnancy is not the only condition where women miss their periods. It can be normal / physiological, without any obvious cause. It is therefore not possible to answer your question with any degree of certainty as to why your wife did not get periods for 2 months when she was not pregnant.


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