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Why has my son become so aggressive?

Q: My son is 3 years old. For the last few days, I have seen a constant change in his behaviour i.e. he become angry immediately if things do not work as per his wish. He starts throwing anything, which comes in his way and has become very stubborn. I have a habit of beating him on each and every occasion. How can I handle his behaviour?

A:Children normally imitate the behaviour they see at home. If you are beating him on each and every occasion as you say, I think that the person who has to control anger is you. There is absolutely no need to beat such a young child. You appear to be dealing with some problem and you will have to sort that out first. Many adults become harsh with their children when they themselves are angry and frustrated about something. You can be firm, not rough, in imposing a rule on your son. Teach him not to hurt anyone, including himself.


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