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Why has my sister become very weak post delivery?

Q: This is regarding my sisters post pregnancy condition. Though the baby is doing fine and is healthy (5 months old this week), the mother has gone down drastically. She has become too weak. Though everybody say that since the baby is feeding on his mothers milk, the latter naturally will go down health wise. But somehow, I have seen many mothers healthy during post pregnancy. I would like to also inform you that the mother had a complication in the early stages of pregnancy. She was having placental bleeding. Has this created any complication? Her doctor says that there is no need to panic as she will recover once the baby starts feeding on solid food. Please help.

A:Please have her blood checked for anaemia. Make sure that she is taking one prenatal vitamin every day. She needs to drink plenty of milk and eat a lot of green vegetables and fruits. It is not normal for a mom to go down so drastically just because she is breast feeding. Could she be depressed? Post partum depression can lead to similar symptoms. How is her sleep? Does she have any help with the baby?


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