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Why don't I feel like eating?

Q: I am 7 months pregnant. I feel that I'm loosing my balance. I can't walk. It's very uncomfortable to sleep in any position. I feel very heavy even if I am eating less. The doctor has advised me to eat at intervals to give the baby good nutrition. Due to the heaviness, I don't feel like eating. Is it normal?

A:The last trimester of pregnancy is usually uncomfortable. As your uterus grows, it encroaches on the abdominal cavity and decreases the stomach capacity, which consequently decreases in the eating capacity. Eating small frequent meals is a great idea. I would also encourage some walking to maintain the strength in your legs, and to help gravity keep the contents of your stomach moving. Hope you are taking a prenatal vitamin every day. About sleep, try to sleep on you left side and put a pillow under the pregnant uterus. That will make sleeping more comfortable. All the best!


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