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Why does not my son listen to anybody?

Q: My five years old son is an active and talkative child. He likes asking questions but is not a good listener. We never faced this problem until he started going to the school. His class teacher complaints he does not follow teachers’ instructions. He behaves rudely with other children. He cannot control himself when he sees new people. How do we handle him?

A:It is surprising that you never noticed anything or faced any problem till you sent your son to school. Perhaps he got used to adult attention all the time. Some of this will change gradually, as the child meets others. Talk to his teacher and ask for suggestions. You have to talk to him and explain that he will have no friends if he pushes others all the time. Give him some activities at home, like looking at picture books, playing with blocks or a ball. Make sure that he does not watch too much TV (an hour a day should be OK) and that his diet is free of Coke and fried things from the market. Ensure that he has 10 to 12 hours of sleep.


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