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Why does my vision get blurred?

Q: I am a 39 years old male and my problem is that sometimes my vision get blurred. During the problem a wave of circles start from the right corner of the eyes and travel to the other corner. The eyelids become very heavy and a slight heavy movement can be felt on the surface of the eye. This problem becomes more frequent during the humid weather. It becomes almost impossible to read. The problem subsides on its own after sometime.

A:This symptom seems like you are suffering from migraine in which the blood circulation in the brain goes down because of constriction of blood vessels for a transient time after which it dilates. This may or may not be followed by headaches. This is why you patterns like irregular circle of lights, which start small and gradually get bigger and disappears. At that time you may feel all sorts of transient visual, auditory sensations and pins and needles in one hand or foot. This is not serious but can alarm you. This is usually hereditary i.e. your parents, children or close blood relations may suffer from it as well. This predisposition can be precipitated by stress like exam, interview worry or hard work. Certain types of food like cheese, chocolates, yogurt, banana, sherry or red wine also can induce it. Try to experience or think what did you eat, do or feel when it happens. When it starts it may be a good idea to stop whatever you are doing and relax or go to sleep for a while then you will recover quickly.


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