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Why does my mother have unbearable pain in her legs?

Q: My mother is 59 years old. She has been suffering from Scleroderma/MCTD/SLE for the past 22 years. She has intermittent but unbearable pain in her legs, sometimes accompanied by a burning sensation (more precisely near her ankles and on the top side of her feet). Often nerves/veins in her legs get swollen or rather bulge out, and sometimes she gets painful blister-like formations on some veins. She also has corns on her feet, which she gets almost continuously, i.e. one corn heals and in a couple of days another one comes up. She is also having severe mood swings and gets into highly irritable temperament. She is currently on Wysolone, and whenever the pain is unbearable she takes Proxyvon, which gives her temporary relief for a couple of days. We are worried since the doctor warned that Proxyvon is not good for her kidneys. If we don't give Proxyvon, she suffers unbearable pain. What is the cure for her pain?

A:The pain that you are describing seems to be due to peripheral neuropathy. She may need Tramadol and lots of Vitamins B1, B6, B12, either orally or by injection. Wysolone will have to be continued. Passive physiotherapy, foot massages, and knee with calf muscle exercising will prevent leg swelling. She may have to use MCR footwear. She needs tender care, counselling and sedation.


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