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Why does my grand daughter sneeze every time she lies down to sleep?

Q: I have an eleven years old grand daughter. Every time she lies down to sleep at night, she begins to sneeze continuously. This lasts for 2 to 3 hours, till the time she finally falls asleep. She can talk all night or watch TV and the sneezing doesn't happen, but right at the moment she lies down, something happens to her. We have tried allergic mattress covers, pillow covers, air machines and all kinds of medicines for allergy, but with no relief. This usually happens 3 to 4 times in a week. There are also times when it doesn't happen for weeks, and then the attacks come suddenly. She isn't affected much if this happens during daytime. But the moment she lies down to sleep at night, it gets really bad. Is there a way to stop these attacks? Please tell me how.

A:If the sneezing comes when she lies down to sleep, then it should happen during the daytime as well, when she tries to lie down. Allergy has various ways to present itself. It also has a diurnal variation, means bouts coming at a particular time of the day. You could try a few of these things: 1. Start an anti allergic tablet or syrup and give this medication 1-2 hour before going to sleep. 2. Meet a chest physician and ask for a specific allergin test. 3. Have patience and wait for this to pass as she is already 11 and this may wean off on its own.


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