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Why does my eye keep twitching so often?

Q: I am a 30 years old man suffering from a peculiar problem with my left eye for almost 10 years now. My left eye keeps twitching for prolonged periods (sometimes lasts 3-4 months). There is no specific reason or pattern, which the symptoms follow. The twitching starts randomly and continues for several days and sometimes months and then subsides by itself. I feel the twitching as long as my eyes are open, I don’t feel it when my eyes are closed. The twitching usually occurs on the lower eyelid and towards the centre (nose) on my left eye and never occurs on my right eye. The eyelid movement is very clearly visible and makes me feel irritated and embarrassed. Is there a treatment for this?

A:This is usually caused by tiredness, stress or if you do not sleep properly. Try to relax or force yourself to relax like meditation. If this does not improve and is bothering you a lot botox injection in the lid is the only treatment but this is also not a permanent cure. If you want to consider this injection, you should see an eye specialist who can do this. Not all eye specialists will feel comfortable to give this injection as well.


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