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Why does my daughter complain of head reeling?

Q: My only daughter is 3 years 8 months old. She complains that her head is reeling. I watch her regularly. She is normal. Her weight and height are ok. She goes to school too. She has complained about head-reeling many times, for example at the time of playing, or even when she is in a good mood. The head reeling occurs for a few seconds. At that time, she stops her activity and when it is over she begins to do her activity as normally as earlier. She suffers from motion sickness. She vomits while travelling in the bus, car, etc. but not in a train, motorbike or aeroplane. While travelling, she does not complain about head reeling. What should I do about this head reeling?

A:Having read your description regarding the problem in your child, there are 2 important disorders that come to mind. Although there are many causes for reeling sensation, I would suspect that your child is probably suffering from Acute Paroxysmal Vertigo, which is a type of migraine in small children. This is a benign condition that improves over time or may develop in true migraine. It would be important to see if other family members suffer from episodic headache. A type of minor epilepsy called vertiginous epilepsy seems very much less likely. With this information, I would suggest you meet a neurologist who should be able to differentiate between the two.


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