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Why does my daughter blink her eyes frequently?

Q: My 7 years old daughter has eye power -0.25 in left eye and +0.50 in right eye. She has a habit of blinking her eyes. Is there any way to reduce the power? I found this in the school medical examination.

A:This much of power is negligible and she does not need to wear any glasses at all. More over wearing the glasses is not going to make her eyes any better and not wearing worse. Her habit of blinking is pure and simple psychological, especially when the children join a new school, new set of friends, teachers and stresses of growing which makes them self conscious. You should all love her and show it as well. The Hindi film 'Taare zameen par' was very realistic in a similar sense. Make sure no body bullies her outside or in the school. Discourage her blinking habit. Usually very clever children do this sort of subconscious attention seeking behaviour. More you pay attention to it, like taking her to doctors, etc. more they tend to do it. School examination is your typical example of stress for children. There is no need to worry at all.


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