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Why does my baby have a stuffy nose?

Q: My son is 6 months old and has had middle ear infection twice in the last month. Even after going through a round of three weeks of antibiotics, he still has a problem with either nose block or a stuffy nose. He is on Cetrizine, Carbocisteine and nasal drops but for how long should he keep taking these? Is there any home remedy for this? Will he have nasal congestion forever?

A:For your six-month-old son I would recommend life style changes for the whole family:

  • no smoking
  • no feeding with bottle in lying down position
  • no one with a cold should cuddle the child
  • get him vaccinated
Your child is being correctly treated. Does your child have an elder sibling in school? Elder siblings tend to bring infections from school and pass it on. Parenthood is a challenging period. Summers will be better. If it is not better, get an immunological profile done.


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