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Why do I always feel heavy headed and tired?

Q: I am a 49 years old female and always feel heavy headed, tired and sometimes dizzy. I feel that there is water in my head. My ears always make a ringing sound. I also feel sleepy most of the time and have cough for the last one month. Sometimes I do get phlegm when I cough. Please suggest me a medicine for this. My blood sugar and blood pressure levels are normal. I am taking levosulpiride tablets twice a day for my acidity and bloating problems for the 15 days. It has helped me. Can I take this for another three months?

A:Your symptoms may be related to sinusitis or blocked Eustachian tubes - the connecting passage between nose and ears. Our body's balance is controlled by the ears. ENT problems may be associated with heaviness in the head. You have also mentioned that you are more prone to cough and colds. Get an X-ray PNS (para-nasal sinuses) done and an ENT check up to look at your ear drums. Steam inhalation and nasal sprays may help. Blood pressure is normal. You may continue levosulpiride.


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