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Why do my joints pain on exercising?

Q: I used to do regular exercise in the gym. But now I visit the gym only once a week. I get a different type of pain in all the joints of my body after working out in the gym or even after doing any type of exercise. I am not able to do much exercise because of this problem. Why is it so? What is the cause?

A:You must warm up and cool down by adding some stretches at both times to prevent soreness of the muscles as they have worked out. If you do use the gym only once a week, you may feel the soreness more than if you use it at least 2-3 times a week. You have to also take care that when you do your exercises, concentrate on performing them with good form and posture. That way, you can reduce the pain that might accompany poor form during exercising. If it still persists, please go see a good doctor so that he can examine you.


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