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Why do I feel suffocated after running for long?

Q: I am a 36 years old male feel suffocation, pain on right side above abdomen and knee pain if I run for a long distance. I need to do physical training occasionally, which involves 2.5 km long run. I can do 25 sit ups, >20 push-ups and 300 m sprint. I used to go for a long walk, 7-8 km every day. Why am I feeling suffocation while running?

A:By looking at your symptoms it seems that you're suffering from what is known as a chronic medial shin syndrome. This condition is frequently seen in runners and mostly the complain of pain over the medial shin area when they're running. The pain typically stops after the stop running. The treatment for this condition is proper stretching and strengthening exercises prior to running. Please also do what is known as a "relative rest", which means that the mileage has to be decreased by almost 50 percent till the time the symptoms resolve. If the pain continues despite the relative rest I would advise that MRI of the shin be done to rule out a stress fracture of the tibia bone.


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