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Why do my hands shiver?

Q: I am experiencing shivering of the hands. They don't shiver when I am not concentrating but when I am doing something like clicking buttons on my cell phone and other stuff I don't seem to notice it but people tell me that my hands are shivering. A friend of mine noticed this last winter just after I had lunch, it was a bit cold so I thought that it must be because of the cold. The problem seems to increase in winter, it is not like I notice it but I get people saying that my hands are shivering. Even when I stretch my hands and fingers I notice that my hands shiver. Usually when I am not doing anything and my hands are at rest they don't shiver but when I am working they start shivering and it gets difficult for me to concentrate on things that need precision handling as I see my hands shivering. It is really embarrassing. I have no problem in writing, picking up something or any of that type of problem.

A:You appear to have a condition known as benign intention tremor. I suggest you consult a senior neurologist in your city and obtain his opinion and advice. This condition is likely to be exacerbated by the effects of nicotine on the nervous system. It is strongly recommended that you give up smoking. This step will also produce other beneficial effects. Since your diet is poor, the neurologist may also wish to check the concentration of vitamin B12 in your blood stream. If this be low, injections or oral forms of this vitamin may be prescribed.


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