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Why do my blood sugar levels increase when I am under tension?

Q: I am 51 years old. My sugar levels had gone upto 134 (fasting) and 159 (postprandial) few months ago. During that time I was under extreme stress. Doctor advised me to go for a regular walk for 45 minutes everyday and to control my diet. I consume low fat and complex carbohydrate containing diet and exercise regularly. I consume moderate amount of liquor twice in a week and smoke 4-5 cigarettes everyday. Last month my sugar levels read 117 (fasting) and 126 (postprandial). I experience high sugars whenever I am under tension. However, I was not advised any medical treatment. Kindly diagnose my problem. What should I do to avoid future complications?

A:As per World Health Organisation's (WHO) classification (1985) this condition is known as potential diabetes mellitus (DM), with the following implications: 1. Chances of getting diabetes mellitus are high (about 2% every year). 2. Chances of getting macrovascular complications like involvement of blood vessel (atherosclerosis) are like DM, but microvascular involvement (eyes, kidneys and nerves) are much less. 3. Management point of view - frequent blood glucose monitoring that is every three months and lifestyle modifications are enough. You are doing fine, just stick to the healthy diet, exercise and take alcohol occasionally not twice a week.


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