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Why do I see floaters in my eyes throughout the day?

Q: I am a 25 years old computer engineer. I have been diagnosed with refractive error in my right eye and refractive error with anisometropic amblyopia superior lattice in my left eye. I have got superior lattice prophylactic laser done. I don’t feel I am using my left eye unless and until I close my right eye. I see a lot of floaters throughout the day, which are of black and white colours. I have got my retina tested and there is no problem with it. What is then the problem with my eyes?

A:If you have a foveal fixation in the left eye, and if macula is healthy and if you have significant corneal aberations (as tested on a Pentacam), than a Pentacam Oculyzer guided surface epilasik will probably improve your vision. About floaters, did they come after Laser or were there before? Are there any flashes? As you have been tested by a Retinal surgeon, you just don’t have to worry, as these floaters are suspended body partials in vitreous cavity which are casting a shadow on your retina. They move due to momentum and inertia. Just stop watching them.


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