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Why do I see computer fonts in rainbow colour?

Q: I am a 24 years old male using contact lenses. Once on a journey I wore contact lenses for more than 24 hours since I forgot to take my lens cases. The next day my eyes were deep red. I used Ciplox eye drops for 3-4 days and continued wearing same lenses. A week later I found out that the vision of my left eye was blurred even though I was wearing my lenses or spectacles. The doctor told me that the surface of the cornea has become rough and there is swelling inside the eye. He gave me tear drops and ointment and told to apply it for 2 weeks. After two days while I was working on my computer, I figured out that the fonts on my screen appeared in rainbow colours. The doctor told me that there is formation of some white spots (slight infection) on the outer surface of the cornea hence I am seeing rainbow colours. He changed the ointment and told to apply it for 2 weeks or so. What should I do now? Please advise.

A:Normally cornea is very clear and as such has no blood vessels and as a normal metabolic requirement it takes or breathes oxygen directly from air and leaves carbon dioxide into the air like any normal tissue. The main physiology in this process is to pump fluid through the cornea to keep it dry and transparent.

When you wear contact lenses this gas exchange is drastically (up to 50%) reduced. The cornea can stand this for few hours but when hypoxia to the cornea is prolonged, it gets water logged (Corneal oedema) and can even show epithelial breaks i.e. corneal ulcer.

This not only gives you hazy vision but also rainbow effects. If you allow this hypoxia to persist for a long time, the cornea develops blood vessels which may affect the vision permanently.


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