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Why do I see black floaters which affects my concentration?

Q: I am 54 years old. I have undergone cataract operations in both the eyes and was perfectly ok till date. For the last one week I have started getting flashes in the eyes & black particles moving around affecting my concentration. I went to the eye specialist who said there was nothing to worry at present but there might be a tear in the retina and to come back later if they increase. He insists there is no problem now but I still have the black particles moving around. Could you please advise?

A:Black floaters themselves are harmless and usually noticed only if and when you look at a bright background or light but your doctor rightly said that it could be associated with tear in the retina which is more serious and leads to retinal detachment and vision loss. If you notice any field of vision loss particularly with one eye, immediately contact your eye specialist. Laser and/or surgery will prevent vision loss if done in time.


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