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Why do I see a tiny black dot all the time?

Q: I wear contact lenses and my power is -1.00 for both eyes. I've been wearing glasses since the age of eight and started wearing lenses from the age of 21. Presently I am 25 and married for 2 years. I see a tiny black dot at a distance which moves with my eyeball. After few days it turns dull and disappears. This has been happening for the past one year. I've noticed that the dot generally appears after crying but I can't be sure of that. When it first appeared I showed it to an eye specialist who said there is nothing to worry and prescribed vitamin A capsules. Can I have your opinion on this?

A:The symptom you have described is very common in most people specially in myopia, that is those who have minus power. This is due to liquefying of the vitreous jelly inside the eyeball producing floaters like the one you have described. Sometimes they look like cobwebs, sometimes like dots and they float with the eye movement. They are absolutely harmless and should be ignored. More importantly if you notice any sudden flashes of light with plenty of black floaters, you should get the inside of the eye, the retina examined by an eye specialist.


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