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Why do I often get a headache?

Q: I am a 31 years old woman who has been suffering from migraine for the last 10 months. It occurs once in a month but for the last 2 months I am getting another kind of headache. It occurs daily and it is usually a dull headache at the back of my head. Though it is manageable but very irritating and my scalp is sore to touch. Sometimes my neck hurts a bit too. The doctor said that I have a tension headache due to some underlying anxiety. He prescribed Myospaz and Rexipra for the same. Rexipra is an anti-depressant and its side effects include headache. I am definitely not depressed because I am promoted recently in the office and living a healthy life. What should I do? Should I consult another doctor for second opinion? Please advise.

A:What you are likely to have is on the background of a migraine headache is a superimposed muscle contraction, also loosely called a tension type headache. It need not be related to depression but work pressures can definitely induce it. I will recommend you to see a neurologist.

I normally add tab Tryptomer 10 mg at night, which after the initial drowsiness of 5-7 days works wonderfully well. Though it is classified as an antidepressant but it is prescribed worldwide for its other role that is to relieve muscle contraction headache.


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