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Why do I need to use reading glasses?

Q: I am 38 years old man having reading glasses with a power of 1.75 in both the eyes, which I checked two weeks ago. I started wearing reading glasses 2 years ago with a power of 1. The problem started 3 years ago, after working for 5-6 hours I feel blurring of vision and if I close my eyes for 5 minutes then again it is fine for next 10-15 minutes but this problem starts again. The doctor gave me some homeopathy pills, which I took almost for a year but since there was no relief the doctor gave me glasses, as I was not comfortable doing any work. Now again the same problem has started so I got my eyes re-checked and have been given reading glasses with a power of 1.75. The doctor told me that people usually use reading glasses only at 40 years of age or above but due to my problem I need the reading glasses. Would increasing number be a problem at a later stage? Is there any treatment or surgery by, which this problem can be sorted out? If I donate my eyes, will the person receiving them also have same problem? Please advise.

A:You are having latent hyperopia condition in which the eyes have a power (glasses) which gets compensated for by the over use of the eye muscles. When we are young, the muscles have excellent tone and the eyes are able to compensate. However, in the late 30’s, the muscles tone deteriorates, and the need for glasses arises.

He should get a detailed check up and dilated refraction as well, and use the glasses prescribed on a regular basis. There is no surgery for the condition; it is a normal physiological condition. Such eyes can be donated without any problems.


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