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Why do I need to take Levipil daily?

Q: I am a 35 years old man who had a head injury due to a wood log falling on my head four months back. There was some bleeding and I got a small fracture on the right side of the scalp. At that time I felt unconsciousness for 6-7 hours. A blood clot was found on the CT Scan and I took treatment for the same on time. Now I have no problem. I am taking Levipil 500 mg twice daily for the last three month as suggest by the doctor. What is the use of this medicine? Is there any serious problem with my brain or any part of the head?

A:In some cases of head injury there is a possibility of convulsions; hence anti-convulsant medicines are given to prevent such fits. However Levipil (levetiracetam) is primarily meant for partial seizures. The appropriate medicine in your case is Mazetol SR 200 mg (carbamazepine) just once daily which is meant for all types of seizures.


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