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Why do I have white dots on my throat?

Q: I have small white dots on my throat wall. My throat gets irritated often. I got my tonsils removed 10 years ago. I have had this problem for over 4-5 months, and it gets aggravated when traveling in polluted places. Please help.

A:If you do not have fever and pain associated with it the disease is likely to be keratosis pharyngis. In this disease epithelial and fungal debris collects in follicles in pharynx. The treatment lies in doing gargles and applying throat paints or taking lozenges like lidocam to be sucked thrice a day for one week. A use of anti-allergic medicines like fexofenadine, cetirizine or loratadine once a day may help when you have to go to polluted areas. I note your tonsils have been removed. Do not shout or over use your voice. Avoid spices, vinegar, and fried and preserved foods. I hope you do not smoke or take tobacco. Just to be on sure side get yourself checked by an ENT or dental specialist. If it does not respond, culture sensitivity of throat swab may be needed.


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