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Why do I have tingling sensation in legs?

Q: I am a 26 years old female and have been experiencing tingling sensation in both legs and left side of the face since my second delivery, which was pre term. My vitamin B12 levels were low i.e. 175. My neurologist performed an MRI, which shows white spots in the white matter. The doctor also performed VER test and it was normal. Next week, I am going to have a spinal tap test. The doctor tried to stop the tingling sensation in my legs and face by giving magnesium sulphate but it didn't work. What can be the causes of white spots in my brain?

A:You state that the only symptoms you have are tingling in the legs and left face. Since you have evidence of vitamin B12 deficiency, the logical thing to do would be to correct this and see whether the tingling disappears. If it does, we have established the cause-and-effect relationship and nothing more may be required except for continuation of supplementary oral vitamin B complex capsules. Your doctor is the best person to advise you on the cause of the white spots in the brain MRI. It is impossible for us to hazard any guess on them without examining you and seeing the scan films. Your VER test report is reassuring and makes the possibility of MS a little less likely. I am sure that after your doctor completes his analysis of your tests (s) he will be able to tell you much more on the likely cause of your symptoms and available treatment for it.


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