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Why do I have such high levels of insulin?

Q: One month back I had complete hormone test done due to my consistently irregular periods. The results showed that my insulin level is very high and have been prescribed to take Xmet 500 mg. I am also on a strict diet regime. Will this state cause any problem in conceiving? What is this state called? Has this got any relation with my irregular periods? Is it curable?

A:High insulin levels are technically called hyperinsulinaemia. In simple language, it means that your system has insulin resistance i.e. insulin is being secreted but not used. You have not given information about your fasting and post-food sugar levels. Are they within normal range? You have also not given the diagnosis, if any, of irregular periods. Are they due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)? There appears to be some connection between hyperinsulinaemia and PCOS. These two together may cause difficulty in conceiving. May be because of this reason your gynaecologist has prescribed metformin 500mg. While the medicine is appropriate, one should always take drugs of reputed quality manufacturers since so many sub-standard medicines are in the market. Glyciphage 500mg is a well known quality product containing metformin 500mg.


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