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Why do I have severe itching in my right eye?

Q: I am a 26 years old female with myopia and wear glasses. The power in the right eye is -5 and in the left one 9. How can I get rid of my glasses? Further, I got infected with herpes in the right eye 5 years back when I was pregnant. After that, every year I get Uveitis, which causes severe itching and redness in the right eye. My doctor initially prescribed me Omnacortil starting at 40 mg and gradually reduced the dose, and also Prednisolone and cyclogik eye drops. Despite all the eye drops and medication, the itching is still there. I have developed cataract also. What mode of treatment should I undertake?

A:Uveitis doesn’t produce itching. It produces pain, and inability to bear light. Ask your doctor if he wants to try Homatropine instead of Cyclopentolate if you still have active uveitis. Check if you allergic to any of the drops you are using. For anterior uveitis, you may try to avoid tab Omnacortil but your doctor is the best judge. Today we have wonderful options to correct Myopia. But as you are getting a cataract in this eye, its surgery itself can correct Myopia. The other eye can have a Lasik.


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