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Why do I have recurrent pain after CS surgery?

Q: I am a 30 years old woman who had a caesarean section 4 months back. After 15 days I had burning pain on the right lower lateral side just above the incision line and numbness over it. Possibility of deep infection was ruled out. The doctor gave me vitamin B supplement for 20 days and after that I was cured. But now I have the same problem again. Is it due to nerve irritation? Do I need to go for a surgery again to release the compressed nerve?

A:It is probably a nerve that is getting caught in the healing tissue. The pain should go away (hopefully within a month or two). The anaesthesia or numbness will get slightly less, but some anaesthesia will remain.

Most patients have some such problem, but it rarely lasts this long. Nevertheless, there is only a 1% chance that you will need surgery to correct it. My recommendation: avoid surgery, bear the pain and take some painkillers, at least for another two months or so.


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