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Why do I have pain in the eye while looking up?

Q: I am having pain in my right eye for the past two days. It pains only when I try to look up without lifting my head. I also feel that the vision in my right eye is not clear. When I close my right eye and try and see with my left eye, then the objects are clear. But when I try to close my left eye and see with my right eye, the objects are not very clear. I also had muscular pain in my legs sometime back. I consulted a doctor who said it was a general pain and gave me a pain killer and an anti-inflammatory pill. Yesterday, the doctor checked my eyes and said that there was no problem with the optic nerve. He also said that the pain could just be muscular and there is no need to worry. What are the causes for pain in the eye? Accidently, sometime back, a small hair went inside my eye. I washed it quickly and did not find it later. So, I believe, I got rid of it by washing. How long should I wait before seeing an eye doctor? Is there any off-the-shelf medicine that I can use before seeing the doctor? I am not diabetic. My blood pressure is fine. I am not overweight and have no cholesterol problems. I wear glasses of power 0.25.

A:Pain in your right eye when looking up could be caused either by sinusitis or inflammation in the orbit or optic neuritis which can only be confirmed by MRI, specially as it is associated with blurred vision as well. You may have had some pins and needles sensation somewhere in your body. It could also be associated with frequency or urgency to pass water. You should see an ophthalmologist within next few days. You need to know the cause of the problem before you can get any treatment. Incidentally, hair in your eye is nothing to worry about.


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