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Why do I have pain in the breasts after stopping breast feeds?

Q: What is the treatment for severe pain after stopping breast feeding? How can I stop the milk from coming out? Will medicines help? I am a working mother, I can't even travel due to pain. Please advise.

A:First of all let me advise you to continue with breast feeding as long as it is possible, and certainly for a minimum of 6 months after birth of baby. Breast milk is best for baby, and cannot be compared with milk powders. I am sure you have been told by your baby's paediatrician about the advantages of breast feeding. Your decision for discontinuing breast feeding must have been arrived at after a lot of deliberation. For the pain due to breast engorgement you can take some pain killers like Aspirin or Crocin 3 times a day for 3- 4 days. You should wear good brassieres with support and padding. Do not express out the milk as that will stimulate more milk production. The best medicine available at the moment for stopping milk production is Cabergoline- 1 tablet taken twice a week for about 3 - 4 weeks. If the milk production is still continuing you can taper the dosage by taking half a tablet twice weekly for another 3- 4 weeks.


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