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Why do I have pain in my buttocks and leg?

Q: I am a 25 years old man facing some nerve disorder for the last two years. It happens only when I pick up heavy weight or give a kick to my bike to start it. I feel strain in my right buttock, lower leg with some light pain. After this I got constipation and there was improper digestion. I got my navel displacement corrected with proper alignment. After 3-4 days I got the problem again when I picked up some weight. The doctor told me that my nerves (nervous system) had become weak and I needed some good exercises to make them strong and consume a light diet. What is the problem with me? How can it be corrected?

A:From the symptoms that you have mentioned it appears that you have a Prolapse of an intervertebral disc pressing on a nerve root. You should meet an Orthopaedic surgeon or a Neurosurgeon and get a MRI Lumbar spine done. You will need to rest in bed for sometime,avoid lifting weights or bend forwards. Normally there is improvement after rest and with medication,however severe cases require surgery.


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