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Why do I have irregular periods?

Q: I am 29 years old woman and have delivered a baby girl by caesarean section 9 months back. I take Thyronorm 100 mcg daily for hypothyroidism. My weight is 77 kg. After the delivery, my bleeding didn't stop for more than 40 days so the doctor gave me Primolet to stop it. After that my periods have become irregular. I had completed three cycles of Primolet N for three months. But still within 10 days of a period I get spotting or sometimes bleeding. Now I got my thyroid and testosterone test done along with ultrasonograhy of the pelvis but everything was normal. Then the doctor suggested for the internal sonography. Should I go for it? Please suggest.

A:I would like to know if you are breastfeeding your baby. Are you using any contraception? Breastfeeding may cause irregular bleeding but is not usually heavy.

You seem to be having more than one problem. Apart from the hypothyroidism you are also overweight (77 kg). Many a time irregular bleeding vaginally is due the hormonal imbalance caused by increased fat content. You must try to reduce your weight by some weight management routine, which would include diet and exercise. This may regularize the menstrual cycle. In addition, a transvaginal sonography (internal sonography) must be done to pick up any abnormality in the uterine cavity and also a Pap test to see if the cervix is normal. If irregular heavy bleeding continues, an endometrial biopsy is also advisable. Please get a complete blood picture with platelets to see how anaemic you are.


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