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Why do I have high TSH levels?

Q: I am a 29 years old man who has been operated for the removal of thyroid gland 15 years back. Since then, I am on synthetic hormone Eltroxin 100mcg. Six months back, I got my T3, T4 and TSH test done. The TSH levels were high, so the doctor advised an increase in dosage to 200 mcg. After the recent investigation, I changed the dosage to 100 mcg again. I got my blood pressure checked too, which was 140/110 mmHg and six months back it was 130/70 mmHg. I got a lipid profile test done too. The cholesterol level was around 198 mg/dl, and triglycerides were 400 mg/dl. I was told that I am at high risk of stroke. Is this due to hypothyroidism? What could be the possible reasons for the lipid profile to show abnormal results and significant increase in BP within 6 months?

A:The fact is that you have no thyroid tissue in your body, so you need Thyroxine as replacement. Dose of Thyroxine is one, which keeps your TSH in normal range. If TSH is high then increase the dose and if low then decrease the dose. Recommended increment or decrement is 25 at one time. It is a mistake on your part to reduce the dose so drastically. I advise you to get a TSH level done and modify the dose accordingly or get back to us and we shall advise you the change in dose of Thyroxine. If your TSH is high then this can explain both hypertension and increased triglyceride levels as hypothyroidism is associated with these abnormalities. Therefore key test in your case is current TSH level. Situation is not alarming as all your problems can be either cured or at least controlled.


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