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Why do I have double vision?

Q: I am 74 years old. Recently I have been diagnosed with diplopia in my right eye. My vision in both the eyes is ok. My MRI and Doppler show that all my brain arteries are fine and the fluid flowing through them is normal. There is general weaknesses in the brain for which certain nourishing tablets have been prescribed. I can see with one eye alright but use of both the eyes gives double vision. Kindly suggest what I should do and how much time it is going to take? My blood pressure is normal with medicines and I am not diabetic.

A:You said diplopia with right eye but it almost always happens with both eyes and if you close one eye it becomes single. It is caused by a condition similar to stroke or paralysis of one eye muscle. It will get better in about two months time on its own but may happen again. You should control your BP better and always protect yourself from cold exposure. Low dose (75 mg) of soluble aspirin will also be very useful for the rest of your life after the evening meal but you should discuss this with your own doctor first.


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