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Why do I have burning sensation and hip joint pain?

Q: I am a 37 years old man having sharp pain around the hip joint and mild burning sensation on the calf and foot (all on the right-side) for the last 6 weeks. X-ray results show no problems with my bones. I was taking different pain relievers and applying melthysalisylate ointment. But the pain retuned after discontinuation of medicines.

A:Burning type right-sided lower limb pain of recent onset. This type of pain (burning pain radiating down to the foot) fits into the category of sciatic nerve pain (commonly called sciatica). I would suggest a consultation with a doctor (orthopaedic/spinal) who can examine you from this point of view. Obviously the examination will include rest of the lower limb as well. X-rays tend to be normal if you have any soft tissue problems such as prolapsed disc (I am not necessarily suggesting that you have it) leading to such symptoms as you have. If the clinical examination points the pathology to your spine the next investigation forward will be MRI of your Lumbosacral spine. In the mean time I suggest you continue with pain-killers. A course of physiotherapy directed to your back will be of benefit as well. Hope this helps in understanding your condition.


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