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Why do I have a blurred vision with contact lenses?

Q: I am a 41 years old working woman and have to work for long hours on computer. The number of my contact lenses are –1.25 (axis 180 cylindrical) for the left eye and -.75 (axis 180 cylindrical) for the right eye. Recently, I have started using monthly disposable soft contact lenses. My vision is sometimes very clear and at other times, blurred. Why is it so? I was told that it is because of the cylindrical number. When the vision is blurred, I close and rub my eyes mildly to move the lenses inside my eye until I get the correct vision. Can this harm my eyes? Is there any other way to have a correct vision all the time? Can I wash my eyes with normal water and use drops for dry eyes with my lenses on?

A:With this much of eye defect, you should wear ordinary spectacles and that too when you are working. Contact lenses are OK but they have a hygiene problem especially in dusty environment. With astigmatism of this power, the optician should have advised you to wear hard gas-permeable lenses if you must wear contact lenses; they will correct the defect just with capillary fluid, last longer, are cheaper & hygienic. You can harm your eyes by wearing it for too long and by rubbing as it can cause abrasions. You can definitely wash your eyes with clean water with the lenses in. You can only use any eye drops without preservatives i.e. ones suitable for use with contact lenses.


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