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Why do I get a whitish discharge from my tonsils?

Q: There is a hole on the right side of my tonsils where small food particles get stuck. When I touch and squeeze it, a white-coloured foul-smelling discharge comes out of it. What is the cause and treatment for it?

A:Tonsils are present on both sides of the throat and have small crypts (holes), the biggest usually at the top. In some cases of tonsillitis, whitish debris or concretions collect in them. The symptoms may vary from accidental discovery, totally asymptomatic to irritation to pain. Management also depends on the symptoms. Local oral hygiene, dilute H2O2(1 in 20 dilution) gargles are helpful. In case of repeated formation, antibiotics are required. Surgery is indicated when severe pain persists despite adequate medical therapy.


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