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Why do I get a blinding glare in my eye?

Q: I am 43 years old and work on the computer for 4-5 hours daily. I have been doing so for the last 12 years. While driving at night, I have noticed that the headlights of the on-coming traffic causes extreme glare in my right eye. As a result, I am unable to see clearly for 1-2 seconds. I have also noticed that the reflecting sunlight from a mirror etc. causes the same problem during the day. On the advice of an eye specialist, I am using GenTeal eye drops but the problem persists. Kindly advise.

A:This is nothing abnormal and is not linked to the use of your eye on computer. This symptom is called 'after image' or recovery time of the retina which is same as latent period for retinal recovery after exposure to bright lights. This is why airline pilots are asked to wear red goggles when landing on a brightly lit runway and shortly afterwards they fly into total darkness apart from their onboard controls illumination. This happens to every one, however in certain eye conditions it may be delayed. My advice will be, don't look directly inot headlights, try to look away then your eye will recover quicker. You don't even need to use any eye drops.


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