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Why do I feel that there is something in my stomach?

Q: I am 44 years old and always feel that there is something in my stomach. I have asked a lot of doctors but no one has replied. I am unable to sleep at night since the past 2 months. I am keen to do endoscopy but none of the doctors have advised me yet. Earlier, I had a feeling that there was something in my brain, eye and then oesophagus. I did all possible tests but everything was fine. My family life has been totally disturbed. Please help.

A:Your symptoms have been there for 4 years so they cannot be too sinister. However, I understand that they are a great worry for you. As your blood test are normal and you haven't lost any weight, and you are only 44 years or so - then it probably would not help having an endoscopy. I note that your family life has been a bit disturbed. Anxiety can often cause the stomach to feel full and also give you indigestion. It might be worthwhile having your H. pylori (a bacteria in the stomach, which causes ulcers) eradicated by drugs, if you are positive to the test. It would be advisable to ask your doctors about this - they might have already dealt with it.


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