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Why do I feel strain in my eyes?

Q: I am a 48 years old man who feels strained eyes when the spectacles falls on the nose bridge. I do squint while wearing the spectacles. I have a reading power + 2.50. Is there any relation between bone of the nose and the eye nerves? How this can be rectified? Due to this problem, I am unable to my office work efficiently and lost my promotion opportunities too. Earlier I had no problem with nose or eyes, but it has developed since I have started using spectacles for reading purpose. Please advise.

A:I have never seen anyone with such a problem! Did you try using tiny reading glasses of your power? They are so tiny that your nose will not even feel them! They are not heavy, if you get the resin ones. Not those with glass. If you are already using them, try light weight progressive lenses, which will have both distance and near ones, so that you don't have to lift your chin up. Business is something that is done with confidence, you need to boost your self morale.


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