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Why do I feel pain and see colours while looking at lights?

Q: I wear spectacles with a power of -0.75(L) and -1.0(R). I have been experiencing severe eyeache for the past few months. As a result of which, I have a feeling of dizziness. I visited an eye surgeon who suggested weakness in the eyes and prescribed medicines and eye drops along with some exercises. I have been taking those medicines regularly. However, for the past few days, I see a colourful rainbow (circular in shape) around any light source and it becomes difficult to walk during the day in sunlight. My eyes start aching and I experience a dazzling effect. I am an engineering student and am exposed to the computer for 10-11 hours a day. Please suggest a remedy and food habits to get rid of the weakness.

A:The lens power you use is not much so try not to wear these glasses for you computer use. If this gets rid of your eye ache, your glasses may be unnecessary except for TV and driving. If you are still getting pain, sensitivity to lights, rainbow effect, etc. you may be suffering from a condition called Uveitis i.e. inflammation of inside of the eye and you need to confirm this from your local eye specialist as well as find the reason for this. Simply saying weakness in your eyes is too vague and medicines like vitamins and exercise is no good for your eyes. You should eat a nutritious and balanced diet.


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