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Why do I feel breathlessness while eating?

Q: I am a heart patient since 10 years. I am taking Betaloc 50 mg and ASA 50 mg. My cholesterol level is under control i.e. 150 and the LDL is always between 80 and 90. My fasting blood sugar is between 80 and 90. I avoid sugar though I am not a diabetic. Also, I am not taking red meat, sweets, bakery items and tea and coffee. Since the last three months, while taking food I feel breathlessness and a fullness of stomach. As a result, I am unable to take my usual quantity of food. I do my exercises in the morning and in the evening. Due to less intake of food I am not able to do my exercise properly. I get up at 5 am and go to bed at 11.30 pm. I don't feel any tiredness. The doctor prescribed me Pantocid 40 mg. I have been taking this medicine regularly for the last two weeks, but still I am not able to eat comfortably. The doctor suggested me to take Clopilet 75 mg. instead of ASA 50. Will it be helpful? Do I have to go any further check up concerning my stomach?

A:I presume that any cardiac cause for your symptoms has been excluded; if not, the first thing to ensure is that your symptoms are not of cardiac (heart) origin. Once that has been done, it is possible that you have a stomach ulcer due to your medications and I would advise you to have an endoscopy done to exclude this. Also, Helicobacter pylori should be tested for at endoscopy and treated if present. As a measure of evaluation, your Haemoglobin should also be checked to make sure that you are not anaemic. Your doctor should be able to examine you and treat any heart failure if present. All the conditions tha t I have mentioned can cause breathlessness.


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