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Why do I feel a ball coming out of my vagina?

Q: I am 58 year old, and since last year, I have been feeling that there is a seed like a ball coming out of my vagina. Its not coming out exactly, but I can feel it. If I breathe deeply, then it goes inside. Can you please advise what the cause could be and is it harmful? I consulted a doctor here in Kuwait but he says its normal but I don't find it normal because it was not there all this time. I don't have any pain but sometimes when I go to the toilet, I have to force, and then I can feel it coming out. My periods have stopped for the past 7 years. Is my uterus coming down? My doctor says he will remove it and send for testing.

A:Symptoms could be due to relaxation of the vagina, a hypertrophied vaginal tag (which is unlikely now, as you have reached menopause), or a growth. It is difficult to comment without actually examining you. However, as your doctor has said he will remove it and send it for testing, probably it is a small growth (e.g. wart).


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