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Why do diabetics feel tired and have knee problems?

Q: I have some problems in both my knees. When I stand for some time my legs will start to pain. The muscles are also painful. I feel tired quite often. I am a diabetic and take Euglucon once a day.

A:You have not given any details. Just taking Euglucon once a day is not enough: You have to have regular checks of your blood glucose as well as periodic checks of your HbA1c, to make sure diabetes is well controlled. Poorly controlled diabetes is one cause for frequent tiredness. Regular general exercise, like walking, will also help to reduce tiredness, improve circulation, control diabetes, strengthen muscle, and keep bones strong. You need to go to a good physician, who will check if you have osteoarthritis, in which case you have to lose weight if you are overweight, and do exercises to strengthen the thigh muscles. If you have poor circulation, low dose aspirin may help. If you have any other problem, that will need to be tackled accordingly. Any treatment you take should be only under the guidance of a doctor who has examined you, as all medicines have the potential to cause side effects, and should be taken only after a proper check-up.


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